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Long live the RECKLESS and the BRAVE!
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You know that amazing feeling when you’re in a concert, and for the first time in your life, you’re not annoyed by the buzzing sound of everyone around you talking? And you just stand among those people, and you’re by yourself because you don’t have friends, but it’s okay. Because even when you’re on your own, you’re not alone. You’re with family. And for the first time in forever you actually feel like you belong. So you close your eyes for a moment just to take it in, breathe in the moment. And you open your eyes, and the lights start to dim. Until for a second there’s nothing but darkness and thousands of people cheering. And then the lasers come out and you see your heroes onstage. And you’re there, letting everything go. You forget about the heavy rain outside, or the homework you’re supposed to work on, or that presentation that’s due very soon… because in that moment, you’re alive. And you belong. And even when you’re a bad dancer, you dance anyway. Even when you’re a horrible singer, you sing at the top of your lungs. Because this is the only place where no one judges you. This is the only place where everyone loves you for you. This is the place we call home.

“There will come a moment when there’s nothing you want more than us. Together. When you’re free of every fear and there is nothing in our way.”

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The 8123 Experience

Hey, guys! I know I haven’t been posting for a long time, but I’m back! And the event that got me back, that inspired me to post more from my favorite bands, was the 8123 Tour. For those who don’t know, the 8123 tour is headlined by The Maine, with A Rocket to the Moon, This Century, and an opening performance by Brighten. 

They had a show in San Francisco, and that was the closest they would get to me. So immediately, I bought tickets (thanks to my mom)! It’s the first ever concert that I’ve ever been in here in America. It’s my second time seeing The Maine, first time seeing This Century and Brighten, and sadly, the first and last time I’d see A Rocket to the Moon.

The show, which was held at the Great American Music Hall on June 8, was opened by Brighten. They had an amazing but short performance, singing some of their soft rock ballads. They were absolutely beautiful, and my mom, who didn’t know any of these bands, fell in love with their music. 

This Century was next up on stage. Earlier in the day, as I was standing out in line, I actually met Joel and Sean (FANGIRL JOY!!!). They were really super nice and so down-to-earth. Their performance was electrifying and energetic, and had the crowd dancing along with their upbeat music. They definitely had me shaking my skeletons. 

I know that the headlining band on this tour was The Maine, but to tell you the truth, the band that I’ve been really anticipating was A Rocket to the Moon, given that this will be the last tour they’d be on. I was in tears before they even finished the first song. I was bawling like a 5-year old by the time they performed Like We Used To, which was my favorite ARTTM song. Their performance was so beautiful, and Nick Santino has such an angelic voice. I was an emotional wreck by the time they were done.

But the party don’t start ‘till The Maine walks in. When The Maine was finally on the stage, the crowd went wild! The Maine played a lot of my favorites, and I’m so happy they did. John, oh John, was amazing, as always. He’s probably one of the most down-to-earth guys ever! Like, there’s a way he communicates with his listeners, it’s as if we’ve really known each other for so long. He’s so open about a lot of things, in his songs and when he speaks. But seriously Garrett, I miss seeing your face, honey. Maybe it’s time you shave? And gosh, Kennedy, you’re so really adorable, but hey! I couldn’t see Pat because you were in the way, oh well… Jared kept a low profile, as always. I don’t know why, Jared, but you have to let the spotlight shine on you. Anyway, The Maine really rocked the whole place out. They turned ordinary audiences into wild party animals!

All the bands had some sort of magic to their music, that just makes you want to be a part of, like, it just makes you want to sing along and lose yourself… and totally not give a fuck about what anyone thinks. That’s exactly what I did. Me, being a really quiet and reserved person, partied hard that night. 

The 8123 experience is something I couldn’t put in words. Like, I can keep on explaining myself to you, I can keep on describing the whole night, but I will never be able to tell you how amazed I was by that night. It was really amazing, and no amount of really's will be able to justify the whole night.